Court Information and Fees

The Washington County Clerk's Office is responsible for overseeing various departments that deal with the Circuit and County court systems. All departments within the Clerk's office can be reached at 850-638-6289.

The accepted forms of payment are cash, money order, and credit/debit cards (there will be a 3.5% charge for using credit/debit card).

Court Fees

To issue a summons


To prepare & issue a summons


To issue a subpoena


To issue & prepare subpoena


Exemplified Certificates


Copies per page


Certification per Document


Sign & Seal


Docket Sheet per page


Search per year



Foreclosure Sales

Please send one payment for the filing fee and a separate payment for the recording fees.

Inquire here about attending, bidding, and purchasing from foreclosure sales conducted by the Clerk's Office. 850-638-6285 Ext. 246.


Lis Pending Recording Fee


1st Page


Each Additional Page


Indexing Respondents over 4 per name


Foreclosure Sale Fee



Foreclosure Filing Fee:


Claim $50,000 or less


Claim $50,000 to $250,000


Claim 250,001 or More


Indexing Respondents over 4 per name


Cross/Counter Claim

Claim $50,000 or less


Claim $50,000 to $250,000


Claim 250,001 or More



Circuit Civil/Family Law Enforcement

Inquire here about Circuit Civil - general court cases involving money amounts more than $15,000, 850-638-6285 ext 246. For Family law cases relating to family matters, 850-638-6285 ext 233.

Circuit Civil Matters


Respondent over 5 per name


Reopen Civil Cases


Dissolution of Marriage


Foreign Judments over 15,000


Replevin Cases over $15,000






Malpractice Fee / 90 Day Ext


Cross/Counter Claim, 3rd Party Injunction/Paternity/ Grandparents


Cross/Counter Claim, 3rd Party County & Circuit Civil


CROSS/COUNTER CLAIMS $295 FOR CH 39,61,741,742,752 OR 753

Cross/Counter Claim Dissolution



Mediation/Family INC $50K to $100K


Mediation/Family INC Less $50K


Foreign Judgments < $15,000


Eminent Domain Filing Fee


Eminent Domain Registry of Court Fee




Appeal to District Court


Contact clerk for preparing the Appeal record cases fees.


Petition to Establish Paternity



County Civil Department

Inquire here about filing court cases less than $15,000, Small Claims Court and Evictions.
850-638-6285 ext 246

Claims under $100


Claims between $100 - $500


Claims between $500 - $2500


Claims over $2500


Respondent over 5 per name


Cross/Counter Claim/3rd Party


Respondnet over 5 per name w/counter


Replevin No More $1000


Replevin between $1001 - $2500


Replevin between $2501 - 15,000


Foreign Judgements


Tenant Eviction



Misdemeanor/County Criminal Department

Inquire here about court cases involving minor crimes. 850-638-6289 ext 245

Felony/Circuit Criminal Department

Inquire here about court cases involving serious crimes such as grand theft or murder.
850-638-6289 ext 243.

Child Support

Inquire here about payment information - receives and disburses child support payments in most cases. 850-638-6285 ext 233

Probate Department

Inquire here about Information about estates, wills, guardians for minors and incapacitated persons. 850-638-6285 ext 246

Formal Administration


Summary Administration Under $1,000


Summary Administration Over $1,000


Foreign Wills


Determining Heirs


Disposition of Personal Property




Reopening an Estate Case



Guardianship Department

Inquire here information about filing a Guardianship case or auditing guardianship reports. 
850-638-6285 ext 246

Guardianship of Person & Property


Guardianship of a Veteran


Guardianship of Person


Petition to Determine Incapacitated


Property Valued under $25,000 Audit Fee


Property Valued $25,000 - $100,000 Audit Fee


Property Valued $100,000 - $500,000 Audit Fee



Attorny appearing PRO HAV VIC



Domestic Violence & Repeat Violence

Inquire here for information about filing for an injunction for protection against another person. 850-638-6285 ext 233

Juvenile Department

Inquire here about court cases involving minors. Note: most juvenile records are confidential.
850-638-6285 ext 246

Mental Health Department

Inquire here about the Baker Act (mental) or Marchman Act (alcohol or drugs). 850-638-6285
ext 246



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